True Health Heart Attack Prevention Program

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True Health Heart Attack Prevention Program

This program is designed to help you take your first steps toward knowing your individual risk for heart attack and stroke. This program will require us to look deeply at the multiple risk factors leading to heart disease and stroke like blood pressure, blood sugar, smoking, stress management, activity level, and diet.

Who should consider this program:

  • Those with a relative who had a heart attack or stroke before age 55
  • Those who already have known heart problems, stroke, TIA’s, erectile dysfunction
  • Those with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or pre-diabetes
  • Anyone who wants to know their individual risk for premature heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases such as blocked arteries, dementia, and high blood pressure

Why consider this program when I already have a primary care doctor or even a cardiologist that say I’m fine?

Most heart attacks are now totally preventable if risk biomarkers are looked at early enough. Risk biomarkers added to standardized testing are not typically ordered by traditional physicians or cardiologists and have been proven to dig deeper and find early evidence of trouble. Many specialists can be too busy to do the work of preventing and reversing cardiovascular disease but here at our center, it is our passion!

Our entire team looks forward to helping you on your journey to wellness.

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