HYD Testimonial

"In Good Hands"

I felt that I was in good hands as soon as I walked in the door. 

"Invaluable Experience"

I would like to express my appreciation for my last 3 years of healthcare, information, and encouragement. Your help and information over the last few years has been invaluable. Thank you!

"Involved and Present"

I feel sooo.....happy that I was introduced to True Health Center For Functional Medicine. All of the employees are present and much more involved in the individual's health. Thank You!

"Most professional and knowledgeable team"

The discussion that took place during my latest visit reassured me as a patient that I have the best, most professional and knowledgeable team on my case that could be assembled. These people are truly involved with my case and consistently show their concern for making the most effective means for curing my conditions. I feel very blessed to have such an amazing crew working to solve my health issues. Thank you all for being there for me.

"Pays attention to my concerns"

Paid attention to my concerns and gave me helpful recommendations that will work towards correcting my current health problems.

"Not Just Treating Symptoms, Overall Health Evaluated"

(Kristine Burke, M.D.) I like that I am not just treated for a specific symptom, but that my overall health is evaluated. I like that I can call and usually get an appointment for myself or my children within 24 hours, and sometimes the same day if crucial. The fact that my daughter gets free healthcare through her employer (Sutter Health) and sees Sutter providers but she is willing to pay to see Dr. Burke is a huge statement!