HYD Testimonial

"Best Quality of Medical Care"

I always receive the best quality of medical care in a friendly atmosphere.

"Compassionate Personalized Care"

Compassionate personalized care has been much appreciated. I did my life coaching session by phone since I'm unable to drive at this time and it was great! Thanks for the great service.


I called them same day, they were instantly responsive and got me an appointment that morning! Having people I can depend on like this has a tremendous positive impact on my personal health.

"Different level of care"

(Kristine Burke, M.D.) I can't say enough positive things about Dr. Burke, Hilda and the rest of the staff at True Health. I have never experienced this level of care, concern and detail regarding my health with any other healthcare provider. The fact that I am treated as a whole person, rather than a set of symptoms, is very encouraging and I look forward to continued positive outcomes!

"Efficient Staff"

Polite, helpful and efficient staff

"Health Coach & Dietician"

Victoria and Christina are a wonderful addition to your staff. Both are warm, caring and help keep one focused!